Sit Down with SIR | Nadia

Sit Down with SIR | Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year we are highlighting not only incredible working women but incredible working Mother’s who inspire us with their ability to balance and succeed.

Here we chat with the glowing Nadia Fairfax and her beautiful mother Sharon. Previously a professional gymnast, Nadia is a multi talented content creator and model who is equally as energetic and the life of the party as she is grounded and down to Earth.

In this video interview Nadia and Sharon describe each others style and share the valuable lessons they’ve learnt from one another.

Sit Down with SIR | Mother's Day

Nadia wears the Isabella Mini Dress, Sharon wears the Ava High Neck Sweater and Arlo Mini Skirt

Sharon wears the Leon Blazer, Nadia wears the Leon Long Sleeve Mini Dress


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