Shot against the stark backdrop of Uluru our Autumn Winter campaign captures the essence of the SIR girl embodied here by model Zoe Barnard. The rust coloured soil of the land, anchors her heart to the brand’s heritage, vividly photographed by Brydie Mack and filmed by Yan Yan Chan.

Her mind is bright and sharp, her heart shatterproof. When she sits in her authentic self these underpinning, bold attributes become immediately amplified through her personal aesthetic.

She favours pieces tailored to follow the natural curves of the female body, the lines are strong but never forced, creating a duality many seek and seldom find between harshness and softness; the quintessential modern woman.

With a focus on natural fabrics and hand-embroidery, we stayed true to her aesthetic with minimalistic separates and silk detailing. Rust motifs, buttered ivory and textured sand linens are accented by leather pieces, a nod to her female strength mirrored in materials born of the land.