Buon Appetito By Annalisa Ferraris

Buon Appetito. By Annalisa Ferraris.

Buon Appetito. By Annalisa Ferraris.

Artist and Designer Annalisa Ferraris' passion for elevated simplicity is woven through all aspects of her creative being in an ode to her Italian heritage. Ever inspired by travel, food, family and architecture where simplicity speaks in volumes.

For YES SIR. Ferraris' heroes simplicity in food to create a menu harnessing autumnal produce, and a dessert best served in her chrome coupes.

Buon Appetito!

An Autumn Tart

An Autumn Tart


One cup of semolina (or besan/almond/oat flour for GF option)
One and a half cups of polenta
Two Tablespoons of honey
Half a cup (ish) of good quality olive oil
Iodised cooking salt

Bunch of Dill
Two large french eschallots
Three free range eggs
Two cups of fresh ricotta (Pasanella is preferrable)
One cup of grated parmesan
Iodised cooking salt
Black pepper
800 grams of Brussel sprouts
Chunk of butter
Splash of olive oil
Rind of one whole lemon


Chop all the ends of your brussel sprouts off and cut them in half.
Place them face up on baking paper on an oven tray.
Cover in a good lashing of olive oil, salt and pepper.
Cook until they’re brown and crispy.
Put enough aside to cover the whole top of your tart. Let them all cool.

Next, start with your tart base, combine all the dry ingredients.
Heat olive oil and honey in a small saucepan until runny then add to the dry mixture.
Combine with your hands until you have the consistency of damp sand.
Add more olive if too dry, more polenta if too wet.

Butter your tart dish (I used a 30cm diameter one).
Pour in your base mixture.
Using your fingers push it out to cover edges and base with your hands.
Pop it in the oven to cook (slightly). So easy!

Cook until slightly starting to colour on edges (like so slightly) and remove
to cool.

For the filling, sauté French eshallots with a knob of butter, a good amount
of olive oil, and salt until transparent.

Chop the remainder of the brussel sprouts (that haven’t been set aside).

Combine ricotta, lemon rind, chopped dill, eggs, parmesan, chopped sprouts, salt and pepper.

Mix well, and pour into cooled tart base.

Pop filled tart back into the oven and cook until it’s almost done (browned edges).

Open oven and pop set aside sprouts face up on top of the tart, then place
the tart back in the oven and cook until the edges are a caramel colour and tart looks set.

Take out of the oven, let cool a little then remove from tart dish and serve!



This homemade ice cream is the greatest trick to be added to any dinner party, it’s so quick and still impresses your guests. We add amaro to ours but you could use any liquor you like or non at all!


395g can sweetened condensed milk
600ml thickened cream
1 vanilla bean, split
Espresso shot
Montenegro shot


Place sweetened condensed milk, and cream into a large bowl.

Cut your vanilla bean in half and scrape both sides into the bowl.

Then beat with an electric mixer until mixture just forms soft peaks.

Transfer into a metal or plastic container. Cover surface and freeze over night! That’s it!

To serve I like to fill my stainless steel martini glasses with ice cream to the top, then smooth out.

Then, using a spoon that’s been run under hot water I scoop out a shallow a hole.

Pour your freshly made espresso into the hole, and serve with a shot of Montenegro on the side.

Annalisa Ferraris


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